A Cupcake at Dozen

This is the last post about my trip to Pittsburgh, I swear! Play catch up: I just want to mention one last thing: a delicious cupcake I had on Saturday the day before the race. Chris and I took a walk to Dozen Bakery in Oakland. It was a very small shop, with no place to sit. Kind of sad since I wanted to sit down & enjoy my cupcake! Anyway, I got the Elvis, a banana cupcake with chocolate buttercream filling & peanut butter frosting. Yessss. It was a tasty cupcake! Normally I don't go for banana flavored things, but I figured I'd give it a shot! The cake was a little dry but the filling kind of made up for that. I love my cupcakes to have TONS of frosting (the more buttercream, the better, in my opinion.) I also loved the peanut butter...I just wished there was more frosting! Overall, a win, I think. Dozen Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

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