Post-Race Adult Milkshakes

After our half marathon on Sunday, Chris, his parents and I went to BRGR, a restaurant in Pittsburgh for our post-race lunch!

At least I changed before we went to lunch!

Anyway, I had heard about the spiked shakes at BRGR and was thinking about how a cold milk shake would taste great after such a grueling race. I ordered the salted pretzel caramel milkshake, which was spiked with rum.

I think it kept me full for two days. But it was so worth it!

My lunch was the santa fe hippie burger–falafel on a bun. It was good, but the milkshake was so filling I only ate half and didn’t really get to really enjoy the burger. I had the leftovers for dinner.

BRGR on Urbanspoon

It was a great ending to a great time in Pittsburgh.

After having some time to think about the race, I’ve decided that it doesn’t really make much sense for me to be that upset about it. I still finished, which most people can’t do.

The PR I’ve been chasing for almost two years happened on a cool fall day on a flat course. It was my first half marathon. I think those conditions have to be recreated for me to do something like that again. I KNOW I have it in me to run a sub 2:04 half marathon, I know it!

The Pittsburgh half marathon was still great in its own away. I still earned this. And there will be more to come.

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  1. I’m glad you’re at peace about it. It seems to take a few days to come down off of the emotions of a disappointing race. I feel like you can get sub 2:04, too! I don’t know why I feel that way. I just do. Also you’re making me want to go visit my dad in Pittsburgh so I can go eat at all of these places that didn’t exist when I lived there!

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