A Delicious Vegetarian Lunch

Well, where to begin? First off, happy weekend! The past few days have been busy and fun!

Thursday morning where I left off Chris and I had gone for a run. We ended up going to lunch at a place called Quiet Storm in Pittsburgh. Chelsea on twitter had recommended it to me.

Quiet Storm is vegetarian/vegan place and everything on the menu looked so good. It was so hard for me to choose!

Eventually, I picked the apple panini which came with seitan, apple butter and cheddar cheese on a delicious bread. I loved this sandwich. I really want to try to recreate it at home because I loved it so much.


Quiet Storm on Urbanspoon

After lunch we decided to go on an expedition to…IKEA! I had never been to one before so Chris took me to Pittsburgh’s huge store. It was amazing!!


I ended up getting a few things for the apartment: a wine rack, a lamp, and some lightbulbs…and Chris got a bookshelf. It was awesome because they were all really cheap!

Anyway, after Ikea we went for a walk near Chris’ parents house and got some froyo which was much needed, since it was almost 90 degrees Thursday! I tried the tarte mango for the first time and decided its going to be my favorite type of froyo from now on…so good.


After our adventures, we had a low key evening at Chris’ parents house Thursday night with dinner and catching up on some TV shows…so far its been an awesome mini vacation!

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