My 27th Birthday Roadtrip

Yesterday was my 27th Birthday! Holy crap. I spent the most of the day (eight hours) in the car, driving to Pittsburgh with Chris. It actually wasn’t that bad! It went by fairly quick.


Pretty, no?

Anyway, we got in town at around 5:30 and decided to go for a walk around Chris’ parents neighborhood to stretch our legs. We ended up stopping at a place for a birthday treat! The Cake and Cookie Spot had just opened recently and they had cute little cake shots! It was something I’ve never seen before so Chris and I got three to share.


Chris got Oreo, I got the peanut butter cup, and we shared the chocolate birthday cake. They were so cute! I loved that they had layers of frosting. Such a good idea.


Happy birthday to me!


The Cake and Cookie Spot on Urbanspoon

We made it back to the house with time to change before heading to dinner with Chris’ parents at Salt of the Earth. I loved this unique restaurant the last time we came to Pittsburgh so I chose it for my birthday dinner!

I started with a glass of Riesling, of course.


Since I wasn’t starving, I didn’t get an appetizer, but chose the tofu as my main meal. It was served with a carrot purree, fava beans and asparagus. Delicious and unique! The flavors went really well together.


Chris got the rhubarb for dessert–it was so interesting! He let me share a few bites! The rhubarb was served with basil ice cream (so weird but good!), white chocolate mousse and shortbread cookies. At first I was skeptical but the flavors actually worked well together!


All in all, it was a great end to my 27th birthday!

Salt of the Earth on Urbanspoon

This morning Chris and I decided to get a run in, but unfortunatley it is steamy here in Pittsburgh. The temp was probably around 75 degrees with 70% humidity, not pleasant for a run! We went to Shenley Park Oval, an community track for people to run and walk on in Shenley Park.


It was a great place to run! But SO. HOT.


Tomorrow we might try some of the trails. I want to get one more run in before the half marathon on Sunday!

I’m off for now–we have some fun Pittsburgh adventures planned today!

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