Lunch at Candle Cafe NYC

As you probably now I’m not vegan, but I LOVE eating at vegan restaurants because it means I can eat 100% of what is on the menu. Since I’m pesco-vegetarian, most of the time I’m looking over restaurant menus skipping over 95% of what are on them.

I’d been hearing about Candle 79 and Candle Cafe for years now and I couldn’t miss the chance to finally try one of them. Last Friday after arriving in New York, Alicia and I went out for a very late lunch at Candle Cafe.

Everything on the menu looked amazing! It was hard to choose. Eventually I picked a smoothie, tropical freeze: a blend of orange juice, mango, banana, strawberries and pineapple. YUM!

For lunch I went with the BBQ Tempeh & Sweet Potato sandwich. It was amazing. It came with onions and kale and a small side salad of arugula.

It was filling but not overly so–I would definitely come back here again the next time I’m in New York! I really wish we had restaurants like this around here.

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    1. Hey!! NYC is about 3 hours away from me so you’re not that far! 🙂 There are SO many good choices when it comes to food down there–it can be overwhelming!!! Have fun!

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