More Yoga in my Life

If I had unlimited hours in the day (and unlimited funds) and more time to do everything I wanted to do, I would spend more time doing yoga. Since running takes priory over every workout, when things come up and certain things have to get pushed aside, sadly, yoga class is one of them!

I went back on Wednesday night for the first time in a few weeks and it was MUCH needed. I’ve been struggling with some of my runs lately. Every time I run I feel like I have bags of weights strapped to my legs. Not fun–but a little yoga can go a long way in helping stretch out my tired muscles.

And of course, my favorite part of yoga class, Shavasana.

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Shavasana is the period of meditation at the end of every yoga practice where you let your body recuperate after the workout. Usually there is really relaxing music and sometimes the instructor does a guided meditation. Usually I zone out and ignore what they are saying and try to clear my mind. It is a great for relaxation and by the end of class I feel very “zen”. I love it.




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