Lunch at the Merry Monk

Yes, I’m alive…and I’m finally writing a real post. Honestly, life has not been too exciting lately so I’d rather post when I actually have content instead of making up a crappy post just for the sake of blogging. Anyway–today I met my friend Ashley for lunch!

She was in the area for a job interview so we met up at a new restaurant/bar on Pearl Street, the Merry Monk!

The Merry Monk is a belgian style beer bar that actually serves good food! They are known for their mussels and their frites with dipping sauces! I wasn’t in the mood for mussels (but I will try them eventually) so I decided to get their swordfish sandwich which came with a side of frites.

Normally they don’t serve the sauces with the side of fries but our server let us split two sauces so try! We chose the cranberry mayo and the sun dried tomato sauce.

The sun dried tomato sauce was amazing! And my sandwich was great, too. At first I couldn’t really taste the fish with the lettuce and onion on the sandwich, so I took them off and it tasted much better. I didn’t get a beer this time, but I definitely will next time I’m here! It wasn’t busy and I had a nice time catching up with Ashley! I would highly recommend the Merry Monk…and make sure you get the frites!

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