The Tour de Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Saturday Chris and I got up bright and early to meet Daniel B and the rest of the “tourists” at Jack’s Diner, the first stop on the Tour de Egg and Cheese Sandwich! Chris didn’t eat any sandwiches but he just came along for moral support.

Last April, Heather & I took part in one of Daniel’s famous tours, the Tour de Soft Serve, and it was amazing…so I knew I couldn’t pass up the Tour de Egg and Cheese Sandwich! (Check out Daniel’s post to see the real winner!)

Did you know that egg and cheese on a hardroll is something unique to this region? I did not–living here all my life I just thought it was the norm.

Steph and I partnered up so we wouldn’t have to eat five egg and cheddar sandwiches a piece (although sadly I probably could!)

I’m not going to dissect each and every sandwich but I will say four out of the five places we went to were great! The only one I didn’t care for was the pre-made, microwaved egg on a roll from Stewart’s.

My favorite was the sandwich from McCarroll’s in Delmar.

The Cheese and toasty bun was what made it for me–the white cheddar tasted so good and I think the egg was cooked just right..and greasy, yum! It had been a long time since I had a good, greasy egg sandwich. And it was cheap!

Its hard for me to pick a best because remaining four sandwiches (from Jack’s Diner, Famous Lunch, and Bella Napoli) were all great! I’m surprised I’m not sick of eggs after that, I had one for dinner the other night…

Of course I left Bella Napoli with a baked good, one of my favorite goodies, the black & white cookie…with a chocolate bottom…a first for me. Usually the bottom is white.

And it was amazing, of course.

I can’t wait to see the next tour that Daniel has in store!


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  1. Awww man, that must have been great. I should have gotten in on that one (Jay would have loved it too!). My favorite, so far, has been from Flavour Cafe, but unfortunately, I don’t think they’re open now with that darn fire. 🙁

    Are there any other “tours” on the horizon? Like, a best cupcake tour? 😉
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