Lunch at All Good Bakers

This past weekend Chris and I ventured out into the snow for a walk to All Good Bakers in Albany for lunch.


I had been trying to get here for lunch forever! They have weird hours right now because they are in the beginning of expanding and moving to a new location so it had been difficult to go around my schedule. Saturday was the day!


Their location is pretty awkward, right smack in the middle of the “student ghetto”, but it wasn’t a bad walk from Chris’ place…maybe 15 minutes. AND the great part was that we got 10% off our order for walking there since they are an environmentally friendly business!

Since I saw the weekend menu posted online a few days ago I had my eyes on their BBQ seitan sliders!


Also, their vegan cinnamon bun which I got to go.


(pretty great price for a huge cinnamon bun!)

Chris and I each got the sliders for lunch and we waited maybe 10-15 minutes for them to come out which wasn’t bad at all.


They came out looking so cute! A side salad of “Belgian Endive filled with shredded Carrots, Black Walnuts, and Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese; finished with a Citrus infused Balsamic Reduction” came with lunch, too. The salad was quite tasty and the goat cheese was awesome.


The sliders were what I was really excited for!

Too cute! Anyway, the bbq seitan was awesome and the tiny rolls were chewy but not too hard. I loved this meal! Its really nice to see a 100% vegetarian restaurant with emphasis on all local food in Albany, even if they only have a few items at a time.


Chris and I both really loved our lunch. It was perfect!


I’m really looking forward to seeing what this bakery has in store for the future.

Also: I had the vegan cinnamon bun after my race on Sunday and it was great! The frosting was amazing. Love.

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  1. this place looks AWESOME. I have a feeling Savvy Julie may want to make a trek there next time she is in town!! [you know she loves the local!] and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that photo of you and Chris at the end, there. SO ADORABLE!
    Heather recently posted..Simply Saturday

  2. So glad you were able to make it into the shop Jen & Chris! We’re excited about our move to 540 Delaware Ave. – we’re hoping to open by end of Feb. and will operate 5 days a week. We look forward to seeing you on Quail St. on weekends till then!

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