Ali Baba Mediterranean

Saturday night my friend Lyndsay was in town and wanted to introduce me to the wonder that is AliBaba restaurant.

I’m a fan of Mediterranean food so I was excited. :-)

It was nothing fancy inside but they had pretty generous seating.

We were seated as soon as we got in (it was pretty much empty) and then the server took our food and drink orders right away.

We also got this huge puffy bread, which deflates once you rip it apart, which was an exciting surprise.

It came with an awesome dipping sauce, which I promptly slathered on my bread.

We also split an order of grape leaves to start and I ended up wrapping up the grape leaves in the bread with some of the dipping sauce. Amazing decision. So good. The grape leaves were kind of blah on their own.

Anyway, there were so many good looking items on the menu, but once I spotted the veggie pizza I was sold! It came with hummus, cheese, and veggies such as eggplant. The veggies were under the cheese. It also had a bit of a curry flavor. Loved it.

I ate half and saved half for lunch the next day. It was GOOD and I can’t wait to go back. If you’re looking for some decently priced tasty  food (under $9 for a pretty good size personal pizza, most of the other items were cheaper than that) then check out Alibaba.

I will say the service was a bit slow especially for being dead on Saturday night. Our food came out pretty quickly but we didn’t get our waters until we were pretty much done with dinner. I think they must have just forgot about them.

Lyndsay and I both ordered baklava to go, which was 4 decent sized pieces for about $5. I ate two when I got home. :-)

I had so much fun chatting with Lyndsay, now I have to take her to the Greek House!

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