Dinner at Greek House

My Friday night this past weekend was exciting! I had a running date at the track with my friends Melissa and Caitlyn. We got there after the sun went down and only some of the lights were on. Thankfully, like the running nerds we are, Melissa and I brought our headlamps! They worked out pretty well, but about halfway through our run they turned the lights on! It was almost 7pm on a Friday and there were other people running out on the track, so it wasn’t creepy at all! The three of us ran 3.0 miles in a speedy 27 minutes. I don’t know what it is about the track but it has been making me run faster and I love it.

Anyway, after our run we had plans for dinner at the Greek House. The restaurant recently opened up in downtown Troy and Melissa had been raving about it! Finally I could check it out! They have a small menu but everything looked delicious. As an appetizer we split the spicy feta dip, which was a creamy cheese dip that came with slices of pita bread. It was fantastic. It actually wasn’t spicy as much as tangy but I loved it. I could easily spread this dip over everything I eat. Yum.

There were not many vegetarian options on the menu so I had maybe two items to choose from, the spanakopita and the veggie gyro. I opted for the gyro since it has been forever since I’ve had one. Inside instead of vegetables was an actual veggie patty sliced. It reminded me of falafel in the way it looked but tasted kind of like a veggie burger. Some of patty itself was a bit hard to chew, but it tasted fine, especially because of the delicious sauce that was on the gyro. It was good.

Melissa got the chicken souvlakia and she loved it.

Caitlyn got one of the specials, the Greek lasagna and said it was different but very tasty!

I’m glad everyone enjoyed their meals. Thanks for recommendation, Melissa!

For dessert we each got a slice of the baklava. Baklava is one of my favorite desserts. It was warm and sweet, very delicious and it was a generous serving!

I will definitely be back, since now I want to try the spanakopita!

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    1. I have been to Athos in Albany. I would say Athos is better food, a much nicer restaurant and has much more of a selection. However Athos is way pricier. The Greek House is casual and has a small menu and but its decently priced!

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