Dinner at Capital City Gastropub

For some reason the name “gastropub” just creeps me out. But a few of my fellow bloggers and good friends and I decided to have dinner last night at the new Gastropub on New Scotland Avenue, anyway despite the name. 😉

Melissa, myself, Emily and Alicia and I met and were excited to try the new place.


They had a lot of small plates on the menu so we decided to split two of the vegetarian dishes, the roasted onion and the Ratatouille.

Here is the ratatouille, I think my camera ate the photo of roasted onion.


I was impressed with neither of them. 🙁 The ratatouille was cold but for some reason I was expecting it to be warm? I’ve never had it before so I really don’t have anything to compare it with. It was just okay, I wouldn’t order it again.

I was looking forward to the onion, but when I tasted it, I didn’t like the flavor. I think it might have been the Roquefort cheese…I don’t know. I just didn’t like the taste at all.

Alicia and I both got the fish tacos for dinner. Best choice ever! I was worried because our apps weren’t that good that I’d made the wrong decision. The other girls got personal pizzas that looked amazing. But I wanted to try something besides the pizza, so fish tacos it was!

They were great! They were different from any fish tacos I’ve had. The taco shell was home-made, soft and delicious. Inside the fish was soft and lightly fried, served with avocado and a spicy sauce that tasted great. Impressed!

Oh, and I also got a Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale to drink, it was good! Very drinkable. 🙂

Emily and Melissa really enjoyed their pizzas, so I would love to go back and try them! I would probably steer clear of the appetizers though, sadly.

The four of us also split two desserts, made at the local bakery Crisan (also one of my favorite bakeries) so I knew they would be amazing. We shared the chocolate cake, which was moist and decadent, filled with what tasted like chocolate mousse, and the berry crumble, which was also great! Both were served with house made whipped cream.

I left not feeling overly stuffed and generally happy with my meal. And of course, the company was great!

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  1. Ratatouille is a great veggie dish. You are correct that it usually served warm. When it is well made
    this is a great meal or app. Give it a chance somewhere else or make it yourself!

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