Three Things Thursday

1. It is almost the weekend.

It is Thursday. this means its one day closer to the Friday. 🙂 I have a low-key weekend planned which may include brunch at my favorite bakery with Chris, along with a half marathon on Sunday where I can finally sleep in my own bed the night before. I am excited!

2. The return of  fall foods.

This morning I finally gave in to my pumpkin pie steel-cut oats craving! I haven’t had steel-cut oats in almost a year so Tuesday night I broke out the rice cooker and made some! Yes, you can cook oats in a rice cooker and they came out great! Perfect for those chilly mornings.

The other day I was also adventurous in the kitchen. I decided to make quinoa stuffed acorn squash and it came out AMAZING! I was impressed and proud of my dinner! I apologize for the photo–the steam got in the way!

3. The Semester is almost half over.

This semester I’m taking Intro to Chemistry which is surprisingly difficult for me even though it is an intro course. I’ve aced all of my classes so far, so this one was a shock to the system. I took Chemistry in high school (coughalmost10yearsagocough) and I don’t remember anything from the class. My math skills are also rusty so its been a challenge, but I’ve been working hard. I got an A on our first test!

How is your Thursday going?

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6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Good luck on the half marathon this weekend! I’ve got my first 10k on Saturday which I haven’t prepared for at all but I’ll still enjoy it since it’s on an island!

    As for today, I’d say Thursday has been pretty good. I finished my second rotation in my internship today and came home early enough to make tofu stir fry for dinner 🙂

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