How You Make a Book

Friday night in Albany a special First Friday was going on. My cousin, Liz, is local illustrator and had a book signing for her first illustrated children’s book, My Hands Sing the Blues at the Albany Art Room.


Liz also had a display set up showing the process of how she illustrates a book. Its so detailed! Here I am thinking you just draw the pictures to go with the story! She maps it out completely!






She painted the faces of the characters, but then used a collage technique for the rest of the page. It is beautiful!


I’m so proud of Liz! I remember drawing with her in her kitchen when we were kids. (Her drawings made my stick figures look like nothing! 😉 ) She’s a real artist now! 🙂


She even signed my copy of the book. 😉 Thanks Liz!


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  1. What an incredible process that many of us take for granted… I never knew that this much work went into every children’s book. Thanks for shedding the light.

  2. Hi Jen,

    I agree — Liz’s illustrations truly are beautiful! I wish I could have been at this event (too far … I live in CA), but I loved getting to see your photos and comments. What a magical process — sketches to incredible art.

  3. Your welcome! It truly was thrilling the first time I saw Liz’s illustrations when the publisher sent them to me. It was fascinating to see how she had interpreted my words.

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