Impromtu Half Marathon

It was October 2nd and my fall half marathon was over already. I saw tweets on twitter the following weekends about races and was a bit sad mine race had already come and gone.

I had plans to run a half marathon trail race but decided to run the 6 miler instead since I just don’t feel like running for that long on the trails…

Enter the Fall Foliage Half Marathon in Rhinebeck! Yesterday on a whim I registered. I’m not aiming to PR, just hopefully have another awesome race.


Another 13.1 in 2011, I don’t mind if I do. 🙂

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    1. thanks, heather! i miss you too!

      what are your mixed feelings? e-mail me if you want! ps: i haven’t signed up for stockade-athon yet. i’m going wait and see how my hip feels after this hasn’t been doing that great.

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