Exploring Ithaca

Saturday Lauren and I drove to Ithaca, New York for a blogger meet up at Savvy Julie’s house!

It was a three hour drive but it went pretty fast. Shortly after we got there Liz and Ashley arrived.

We set off in search of lunch and Julie decided to take us to Ithaca Bakery. It was a beautiful day in Ithaca, so we walked to the bakery. It is such a cute little place.

Doesn’t look like October, does it?


Soon we got to the bakery which was bustling with activity. It was so crowded.


But I can see why! They have everything!

A hot bar.


Tons of menu items.


It was overwhelming!

I immediately knew what I wanted when I spotted it on the menu.

The Jib’s Jaybird.


We ordered at the counter and the cashier gave us a number to bring to our table. Not long after our sandwiches arrived.


The sandwich was incredible! The Dinosaur BBQ sauce really made it. It tasted amazing. The banana peppers added a spice that I loved, too. And normally I hate swiss cheese but it really added to the sandwich and wasn’t overwhelming at all. Oh, and the bread. Mmm.

Ithaca Bakery on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we walked around some more and checked out the Commons.


I wish we had more time to explore!

We got back to Julie’s and we chatted away for a while. For dinner, Julie was making a beer and cheddar fondue. You had me at beer and cheddar, Julie.

Liz brought veggies and bread for dipping.


Ashley made delicious pretzel bites.


We had a whole spread, which also included some hard cider, which was extremely tasty by the way.


I’ve never had fondue before but Julie’s was incredible. You could definitely taste the beer in the cheese, this was dangerous! It was also fun to dip your food into the pot. It was very communal!


A fondue covered pretzel bite! I think this was my favorite.


For dessert we had Liz’ Pumpkin Macadamia cookies and some whole wheat almond butter cookies that I made.


I had a great day with the bloggers. Thanks for having us, Julie!


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