Lunch at Loving Cafe

Saturday morning my sister and I went to go check out the Troy Farmer’s Market. I think its one of the last weeks that it is outside, so we wanted to take advantage of it! I didn’t end up buying anything except some local honey, but my sister and I spotted a new storefront, Sticky Fingers Gourmet Apples!

She ended up getting a dark chocolate with sea salt apple.


I had a taste, it was great!

After our trip to the market, we went to pick up Chris to go out lunch. Chris and I had been wanting to check out the Loving Cafe in Delmar. Its the closest vegetarian/vegan restaurant to Albany and has only been open since July.


They had a pretty big menu with a lot of faux-meat sandwiches, wraps and some salads.


Chris and Julie both got wraps, but I wanted the Philly Cheese steak! After having a vegetarian chicken cheese steak in Philly I wanted another so bad! It came out nice and hot and with chips and a coleslaw, that definitely tasted like pineapple. (It was good!)

The Cheese steak was amazing! I’ve never actually had a real Cheese steak so I can’t really compare, but it was almost as good as the one I had in Philly.


Chris enjoyed his faux-chicken wrap, too.


The atmosphere in the Loving Cafe needs work, though. It was very bland, and was decorated sparsely. The good food made up for it, though.


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After lunch, the three of us walked to Cakes Next Door for some cupcakes. My sister said they were amazing so of course I had to check it out! We each got one, and they looked great!


I went with the Mr. October, a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting!


The frosting to cupcake ratio was awesome (tons of frosting). The frosting was light, fluffy and delicious and the cupcake was moist and full of pumpkin flavor. Loved it! Perfect running fuel, no?

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It was a lovely Saturday!

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