Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

One of my favorite things about going to a new city is the huge selection of restaurants. Big cities mean lots of choices! Since Boulder is a hip and health conscious city, there had to be some vegetarian restaurants for me to check out.

After hitting up Google, I found Leaf.


The atmosphere was airy and very green! The lighting was nice, but not so nice for photographing food, sad to say!

I love having limitless options on a menu. This never happens. I wanted everything.


I ended up choosing the Tamales de Cuitlacoche: corn masa, caramelized onions & poblanos chiles, sweet potato hash, spinach, green mole, carrot & red onion escababeche.


The tamales were very good, they were stuffed with onions. They could have been a little bit more flavorful, but I found that swirling them around in the green mole sauce helped that a bit. I really love sweet potato hash, but I found the sweet potato to be a bit undercooked and hard, which was the only real complaint of the dish. It was just enough food to fill me up but not leave me feeling heavy.

That means room for dessert! They had a decent selection but were out of the vegan carrot cake which made me very sad, since I really wanted to try it.

I opted for the vegan chocolate peanut butter tart instead.


It was very dense and delicious. I wish there had been a bit more crust, though since crust is my favorite. I would have liked more peanut butter flavor, too.

Chris got the raw vegan chocolate mousse. It came in a cute little cup. I tried a spoonful and it had an interesting consistency, but was extremely tasty!


Overall, a good experience at Leaf. I would probably come back here if I’m ever in Boulder again!

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