Deliciousness at Kinnaree

Last week Chris and I went to dinner with his roommate, Jesse. Chris quickly had his mind made up that he wanted to try the new Thai/Korean place on Lark Street called Kinnaree. It doesn’t look like they have a website, which is pretty lame in this day in age, but anyway.

I never know what to order at places like this. Luckily, I could swap out meat for tofu in most of the dishes. I went with basic vegetables and tofu in a sweet and sour sauce for my meal. I had no idea what to expect!


The first piece of food I bit into was a pineapple, and it was just bursting with flavor from the sweet and sour sauce. The tofu was also cooked just right, not mushy and lightly fried. I was really impressed with this dish! It was filling but not overly greasy and did not leave me feeling heavy.

Chris got an elaborate Korean meal for his entree, which looked really awesome because it came in a stone bowl.


And it came with sides, such as potatoes, tofu, and what looks like bean sprouts.


He loved his meal, also! We will definitely be back to Kinnaree!

Kinnaree on Urbanspoon

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