Breakfast for Dinner at Cafe 217

Friday night Chris and I needed dinner but were not in the mood for cooking. After debating for a while on where to go for something good and relatively inexpensive we decided to hit up Cafe 217 on Delaware Avenue, one of our favorite late dining spots. I think we ate here on third date, actually!

Even though it wasn’t late, it was still dinnertime and it was completely empty!


Chris got a veggie quesadilla for an appetizer. I had a piece and it was tasty, just your standard quesadilla.


My dinner was actually breakfast! I love that this restaurant serves breakfast all day! I chose scrambled eggs with a side of home fries and chipotle tofu sweet potato hash.


The tofu hash was incredible. It was a little more spicy than I’m used to but the sweet potato went along great with it!


This was the perfect dinner before running a long run. 🙂

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  1. cafe 217 is my favorite, especially when I’m hungry at 3AM after being out on lark 🙂
    their food is so awesome, loveeeeeeee their mozzarella sticks and french fries! I’ll have to try their breakfast foods next time I go.

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