So Much Sushi

The other day I had a special lunch date with my favorite person!

Chris and I hit up Nikko Sushi Buffet on Central Avenue for some all you can eat sushi, a $10.99 lunch buffet.

Now, I used to be obsessed with sushi rolls in college, although I never tried the raw fish version until I met Chris (on our third date?) and I was a big fan of the sweet potato roll from The Sushi House on New Scotland Avenue. I have yet to find sushi just as amazing as it tasted back then.

But I hate cucumbers. I used to take the shreds out of my sushi roll to make it more bearable. But even the lingering flavor of that icky vegetable makes me want to gag. So the other day while having realized my fading love of sushi had to do with the loathing I had of the cucumber.

Anyway…back to the buffet.

I was really impressed with the selection of food at the buffet. Not only do they have a ton of different types of sushi rolls and sashimi, they have other dishes, too! At first I went for the sushi but couldn’t finish the rolls because the cucumber seems to take over the flavor and ruined them for me. However, the sweet potato roll was good, but not as good as I can remember from the ones I used to have at the Sushi House.

I’m glad they had a wide array of things to choose from (I was a huge fan of the fried flounder, (YUM)  as well as the the rice noodles. I was even adventurous and tried the octopus (nay–it was cold) and the barbecue calamari rings (okay–very meaty!)

I would have liked to have seen more tofu dishes, because if I were a 100% vegetarian there wouldn’t have been much for me to eat! They had a piece of fried tofu on a sushi roll but only one left, and I failed to back up for more of that. I would have though if I remembered because it was good! The seafood pancake on top of the green beans had good flavor but tasted rather uncooked.

I also really liked the baked mussel, it had good flavor, and the steamed shrimp and veggies were good as well.

And then there was dessert (with calamari on the side).They even brought me over a small bowl of chocolate ice cream (unpictured).

It was a nice place, I would definitely hit this spot up for a cheap lunch again, when I’m in the mood for some sushi!

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On an unrelated note, did anyone feel that earthquake this afternoon? I felt it while sitting at my office desk and had no idea what it was until people started mentioning earthquake. Craziness!!!

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  1. Me and matt just went to the new sushi place next to emack and bolios. It’s better than sushi house even though they are up there with my favorites.

  2. Sake Cafe on New Scotland near the Sage campus is sooo good! For lunch they have a $10 special for any three rolls and a soup or salad. They always accomodate my friend who is allergic to avocado so maybe they’ll try something new about your cucumber issue 🙂 oh! and they don’t have their liquor license so you can bring your own!

    There is a new all-you-can eat place in Latham called Sushi X and from what I’ve heard, it’s awesome! I guess it’s like a club on the inside and it’s not a buffet, so everything is super fresh.

    Maybe I’ll see you out at either place!

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