Conference Day

Saturday was the the conference portion of the Healthy Living Summit! But before we could learn all we could about blogging, my roommate Liz and I had planned on running the 5AM long run with a group of other bloggers (like 20 of us!)

I was planning on 10 miles but didn’t make it. I turned around at mile 4.2 because my stomach started hurting and ran/walk the rest of the way back…after nearly getting lost! Fortunately I called Heather and met her and Alicia (they were running with a 6AM group) and they came to my rescue.  

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Thankfully we had about an hour to get ready before breakfast at 8AM! Saturday’s breakfast was an Attune cereal bar, featuring some of my favorite cereal, Uncle Sam! I went with the strawberry with some fresh fruit.


The day was filled of fun and information, meeting lots of fellow bloggers and just having a good time. The first session I attended was called “Healthy Living on a Budget”, which was an informative presentation on how to save money and still eat healthily, since we know fresh produce and healthy food tend to be more expensive than pre-packaged junkfood.



The second session I went to (and my favorite!) was called “Rising Above Negativity” featuring some of my favorite blends! Heather, Courtney, and Julie presented about how to deal with negative situations in the blog world, whether it be negative commenters or something else.


Finally it was time for lunch, which were delicious vegetarian sandwiches featuring bread from Great Harvest. Delicious! I chose a tofu and a grilled vegetable sandwich.



After lunch, I went to a few more sessions, “Blogging Safety”, and “Monetizing Your Blog”, which were both great presentations and were really informative. Between the sessions, there was snack, Quaker rice cakes with Barney Butter and some veggies! The Chocolate Cherry Barney Butter was amazing.


The keynote speaker of the Conference was titled “R.A.W. Blogging (Realistic & Achievable Wellness)” by Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexitarian Diet!


Her talk was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I loved how she focused on the plant-based diet, something I really like to promote myself. I will do a more in depth post about it in the near future, don’t worry!


Before we knew it, the conference was over!! Dinner plans were wide open, so right after the conference ended, Liz, Alicia and I headed over to Reading Terminal Market, which was literally right around the corner from our hotel. The three of us shared a delicious chocolate chip cookie.


Finally it was time to think about what to do for dinner. Around 7PM we decided to walk around near the hotel to find a bar to get a drink at. We found ourselves at a place called The Corner, which had a rooftop bar. Heck, yes!



We each ordered a sangria, and they were delicous. It was a perfect night to enjoy a drink outside!


Heather, Julie and Kelly found us and we took some pictures, like bloggers do!




After our Sangria, we made our way to the lounge of the Loews Hotel across the street from our hotel where we found a bunch of other bloggers enjoying some drinks…so I had to try what they were having, the Tickled Pink! It was amazingly fruity and sweet!


Alicia and I also split a thin crust cheese pizza and it was just what I was craving.


Sole Food on Urbanspoon

We had a great time enjoying the other bloggers company sipping our drinks and having a good time! πŸ™‚ I miss Philly already!

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  1. It was so great to meet you this weekend!! I’m so sorry we didn’t stop and walk with you on Saturday morning. πŸ™ I had to be back at the hotel by a certain time, but that’s really not an excuse – no blogger left behind, right? Either way I’m glad you made it back to the hotel in one piece. πŸ™‚
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