Vegetarian Chicken Cheese Steak and Froyo

What a busy weekend! I’m in the midst of the Healthy Living Summit and I’ve finally had some time to check in! Friday we had a bunch of free time so a big group of us headed out to lunch later in the day. The restaurant we walked to was called Govinda’s Vegetarian! They had a huge menu with such a good selection of food. There was a huge group of bloggers and they were very nice and accommodating.


After hearing one of the employees say that the “Chicken” Cheese Steak was one of their best menu items, I was sold!


It was soy chicken, mozzarella, and soy mayo on a whole wheat bun and it was incredible! The “chicken” was so flavorful. There was just a little bit of cheese so it wasn’t covered in it, which was perfect. Yum.


Govinda's on Urbanspoon

The group of us also decided some frozen yogurt for dessert would be awesome, so we made our way to Sweet Endings for some fat free froyo.


This was my favorite…batman chocolate! 😉


When bloggers take over self-serve froyo..


I chose a mix of peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla with various toppings.


The frozen yogurt wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it definitely hit the spot.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures in Philly!


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