Late Father’s Day Dinner

Since I was in Lancaster on father’s day this year, I didn’t get a chance to hang out with my dad. So last night my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate.

Happy belated father’s day, Dad!

We went over to Yanni’sin Coeymans, which is a restaurant right on the Hudson River at Coeymans Landing. We asked to sit outside since it was a gorgeous night to enjoy the view of the river!

One of my favorite things about Yanni’s is their famous calamari!! I can’t have a meal here without ordering some! Thankfully my sister loves it and my parents were both willing to try it! We ordered the Four Way Calamari plate to share. It comes in four flavors: banana pepper, chipotle, original and marinara! Yummmm. I’m drooling again just looking at it!

All of the seafood dishes looked pretty good, but I decided on their veggie burger. I hadn’t seen it on the menu before so decided to try it, since it said “home made”, which generally means they didn’t just throw a veggie burger in the microwave and serve it. I couldn’t swap out the fries for veggies, but I had an options for tater tots, so I chose those…because everyone loves tots. I also ordered it on a Pretzel Roll, since I’ve never had one and I’ve been hearing a lot about them, so I went for it.

Pretzel roll!

The burger was so huge I had to cut it in half! The burger itself was very crumbly and hard to eat, but it had a pretty decent flavor. It actually had too much of a certain spice, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. I guess I just like my veggie burgers to taste a little bit like veggies.

The pretzel roll was okay, I wasn’t impressed, really. I probably wouldn’t order it again since it was $1.00 extra.

However, I loved the tots!! I was getting pretty full so I only ate a few and gave the rest to my parents along with half of the burger to take home.

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Hope my dad had a great (belated) father’s day dinner, love you Dad! 🙂

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  1. I love tater tots and would have chosen them over french fries as well.

    Calamari is also one of my favorites – I have never seen so much variety.

    Looks like you had a great time celebrating father’s day!
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