Trip to the Dinosaur

I finally did it. The other night Chris and I went to Dinosaur BBQ in Troy. The main reason being we were hungry and Dinosaur was close so we went over! It was Memorial Day at 8:30Pm and there was no line in sight!!! We were seated right away.

I loved the vibe in Dinosaur, it reminded me of some BBQ joints I’ve been to in Florida, it had kind of a southern feel to it. I can definitely see why the bikers love it.

The menu, however is extremely limiting to those who don’t eat meat! There is one vegetarian option and two fish entrees. Since I wasn’t in the mood for fish, I went with the vegetarian portabella sandwich (not the platter since I wasn’t that hungry). The server tried pushing the platter on me, but I told her I honestly didn’t think I could eat all that food.

The beer selection is also amazing! There were lots of local craft brews on the list. I went with the Shipyard Summer Ale.


Delish! It was light and refreshing. I tend to like seasonal ales.

Our meals came out pretty quick. The portabella was pretty standard. I ordered it sans cheese and mayo and just threw some Dinosaur BBQ sauce on it. It was tasty.


Chris, however, got a platter! He loved it all. Listen to him, not me, since you can’t take a pesco-vegetarian’s word at a place that specializes in barbecued meats.


I tried his mac and potato salad (and also stole his cornbread!) and it was pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself. Next time I will have to be more hungry so I can order some sides.

Since the wait at Dinosaur Barbecue is usually atrocious (so I’ve heard), my advice to you is go late at night on a Holiday. You won’t have to wait and the place will be empty. 😉

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