Sweltering Shakes

Monday morning in New York was Memorial Day. Jackie had to leave for work pretty early, so Krista and I went out for brunch in Manhattan.

I found Friend of Farmer by searching brunch restaurants in New York. Best brunch in New York? I was on a mission to find out!


The restaurant was really cool looking! Another farm to table restaurant? I got the vibe inside, but not sure if their ingredients are actually from nearby farms. The menu or website didn’t really say.



It was nice inside, but so teeny tiny. We were on top of each other!

I ordered the Boomer Special: Scrambled eggs, your choice of french toast, buttermilk or pumpkin pancakes & your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. I went with the apple pancakes and opted for some fruit instead of meat!

I started eating the fruit, and when I cut up my pancakes I saw a hair!! Eeek. So, I called over the hostess, who when I told said “I’m just the hostess so I can’t do anything about it.” Um, yes you could go get the manager. Well, some guy was standing around who looked manager like and he noticed I needed help so I told him I found a hair. His response was “Do you want another plate?” No apology, no nothing. Yes, I did want another plate! Thankfully they brought me out a fresh plate. The fruit was gone but replaced with home fries. I was glad to get a new plate, but an apology for hair in my food would have been nice.


The apple pancakes were great. They were sweet and fluffy, and the apple was baked right into them. The portion was on the smaller side, which was okay with me since I didn’t want to stuff myself. I also was a big fan of the home fries.

Friend of a Farmer on Urbanspoon

After brunch Krista and I walked around the city. We walked all the way to Madison Square Park to meet one of her friends. They wanted to introduce me to Shake Shack.


The line for shakes was outrageous!


Since we were all sweltering from the heat (almost 90 in Manhattan!) a shake was a must!!!


I went with a Concrete, which is I guess like a Flurry? I got Concrete Jungle, which is vanilla custard, hot fudge, bananas and peanut butter!

After waiting for 40ish minutes I finally got my first concrete! It wasn’t too concrete though, it was all melty. So hot out!


But boy, it was good and definitely worth the wait and the calories. πŸ™‚

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) on Urbanspoon

Speaking of calories…


What’s a trip to NYC without going to Crumbs?


Krista and I split a half baked cupcake.


Mmm! Buttercream filling!


Totally worth it. We enjoyed our cupcake. And then we relaxed in Bryant Park!

Crumbs Bakeshop on Urbanspoon

I think I’ll be spending the rest of the week in the gym. πŸ˜‰

I love New York! But it can be really overwhelming, so I only tend to visit a few times a year, and mostly just to visit my friends. πŸ™‚ At first I thought NYC was my favorite city to visit, but after seeing Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. recently, I think I like those cities better!

What’s your favorite city to visit? Right now if I had to pick, I’d say Pittsburgh! Its not too big like New York, but not small like Albany, either.

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  1. Portland, Oregon has my heart. If I move I will probably head that way. You would like there Jen, lots of vege and vegan food options and a very active city!

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