Dinner at Ala Shanghai

On Friday night Chris, my sister and I had dinner plans at Ala Shanghai in Latham. We’d both heard good things about it and decided now would be a great time to check it out!

They brought out a pot of tea to start, which was impressive! And it was particularly tasty.


The menu was so extensive! There were many interesting things. I decided to try something new, so my sister and I split the steamed vegetable buns. Steamed > fried.


I also ordered the steamed veggie dumplings.


I have a really hard time describing Asian food. The reason being is that I don’t eat too much of it, so I don’t really know what to expect or what to compare it to! I do know that I really enjoyed the big veggie buns since they were filled with what seemed to be spinach and mushroom. They were almost sweet inside, and I liked that. The dumplings had a different flavor, and it wasn’t my favorite. I ate most of them though!

Chris and my sister ordered the duck and some spring rolls.


I had a hard time deciding on my meal. I eventually chose the Vegetarian “Chicken” with Fungus and a side of brown rice.


The presentation was great! The tofu looked amazing! It was some of the best tofu I’ve had at an Asian restaurant. Usually its too soft and mushy for me, since I think a lot of places use silken tofu. But I was a huge fan of the “chicken” style tofu. The fungus was some type of mushroom, and the flavor was great but I couldn’t get over the texture. It was like munching on a jellyfish. Eeek. It was hard to eat. I only ate half of my meal and saved the leftovers for Chris. Had to same room for dessert!

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We headed on over to On the Farm for some ice cream! I happen to know they have pretty good soft serve. Unfortutaley, I think I’ve met my soft serve quota for the season, so I went with the peanut butter chip frozen yogurt. As much as I love soft serve froyo, I am also quite the sucker for hard frozen yogurt!


Delish! And Chris enjoyed his mint chocolate chip. 😉


It was a perfect night for ice cream!!!

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  1. I’ve been dying to go to Ala Shanghai, I’ve heard such great things about it. The presentations were so pretty too 🙂 I am dying to go to that soft serve place after you and Heather blogged about all the soft serve places a few weeks ago!!
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