Good Food and Walks in the Rain

Yesterday was such a busy & fun day in Pittsburgh! (Can you tell I couldn’t come up with a good title for this post??) Chris and I started our morning off right with an easy 2.0 mile run around Squirrel Hill. Its such a nice neighborhood! It was hot and humid at 10:00AM, and we finished our last run before the race in about 21 minutes. Easy peasy.

We ended up meeting Chris’ cousin for brunch at Pamela’s Diner, the famous restaurant with the “best breakfast in Pittsburgh”.


I was sooo hungry (I skipped breakfast because I slept later than normal and then also ran 2.0 miles), so it was around 11:45 when we sat down. So late for me!

But the wait was so worth it! I ordered the banana chocolate chip hotcakes with a side of home fries. The pancakes here are supposedly the best--even the President is said to love them!

They came out in about five minutes, maybe less. So fast! They were rolled up and filled with the bananas & chocolate chips. It was so melty and delicious.


The home fries were surprising though. They were probably the best home fries I’ve ever had. Hands down! They were mixed with onions (and maybe cheese?), and after some ketchup, they were to die for! I can see why Pamela’s boasts about having the best breakfast in town–it was amazing.


Pamela's (Squirrel Hill) on Urbanspoon

Shortly after brunch we hit up RazzyFresh self serve froyo. Chris and I stopped here last time we were in in Pittsburgh.


I had a bit of cake batter + chocolate yogurt with a few toppings.


Razzy Fresh Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

After saying goodbye to Chris’ cousin, Chris and I decided to take our chances with the weather and go for a walk. There were thunderstorms in the near future. We walked two miles to Shadyside to the Walnut Street shopping district to check things out.

I had to hit up the local Lululemon, but I didn’t end up getting anything. They seemed to be low on styles & colors since they are such a small shop. Disappointment. (I had a gift card.)

Then the storm hit and we ducked for cover into a restaurant called the Elbow Room.


We each ordered a beer while we waited for the storm to pass by…a Dark Horse Raspberry Wheat. So much for avoiding alcohol this week.


Pretty tasty! After finishing our drinks we walked down the street to Prantl’s Bakery


That had hamburgers?


Just kidding, that’s actually a cake!!

I wanted a little something for my sweet tooth so I got a piece of carrot cake and ate it while walking the 2.0 miles back to Chris’ parents house under an umbrella since it was still raining and that’s how I roll.


Yes, it tasted as good as it looks! Who says you can’t carbo-load with carrot cake? 😉

Prantl's Bakery on Urbanspoon

Thank goodness Chris’ parents cooked a healthy dinner last night of salmon, grilled veggies and salad, because by that point I needed some greens in my day! 😉

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