Dinner at Terrapin

A long time ago one of my friends recommended Terrapin restaurant to me. Since it is in Rhinebeck, I never got a chance to get there to check out, until this past weekend! My friend said they had an extensive beer list, so Chris was really excited about that!


Pretty flowers!



The restaurant was across from America’s Oldest Inn!


Rhinebeck is a pretty cool town! There were also a bunch of shops to check out. We only got to see the bookstore, which was pretty nice!

Time for dinner!


Terrapin had a really nice atmosphere. It seemed like a nice place to take a group of friends or a date for a celebratory dinner! I was excited to try the food.

Since there were no New York wines on the menu (sad) I ordered a peach Bellini. I hardly ever order mixed drinks out at dinner, but I figured since it was part of my birthday dinner, I should!


It was fizzy, sweet and very peachy!

I wanted to keep it light for dinner, so we skipped any appetizers. I ordered the falafel salad for my meal.


The salad was good–but it was pretty mediocre. Nothing really wowed me about it.

Since I actually had room for dessert, I ordered the tapas size chocolate lava cake with ice cream. It was tiny but it was all I really needed for dessert, just a taste! It was a bit expensive for how small it was, though. Again, it was good but not amazing.


Chris was happy with his blueberry cake, though. I tried a bite, it was really sweet!


Overall, the atmosphere was nice at Terrapin, but the food was just okay–also, the service was a bit slow in the beginning, and it wasn’t busy since it was the Saturday night before Easter. I probably won’t rush to get back here again soon.

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Chris and I had such a great, relaxing weekend in the Hudson Valley!! Thanks, baby! I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my birthday then with you! Okay, I’m done being a sap! 😉

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  1. My husband and I went to Terrapin last summer. We had the same experience… loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and had fun walking around Rhinebeck but the food was just okay. Always fun to try something new though!

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