DC Adventures Come to a Close

Finally, my D.C. adventure comes to a close! Sunday night (race day) was our last night staying in DC, so Alicia and I made the most of it! Museums, galore!

There are absolutely no shortage of things to do in this city. There literally tons of museums within walking distance to each other! Saturday we got a taste of the Natural History Museum, but today we had other plans. The Newseum!


A museum about news? How awesome! I studied journalism and all forms of news in college, so this was super exciting for me!

There were so many awesome exhibits. I think my favorite was the G-Men and Journalistsexhibit. One of the artifacts was the actual cabin that the unibomber lived in. It was sooo eerie!


We stayed there until it closed at 5:00, and we didn’t even get to see everything! I wanted to read every exhibit!

Thankfully the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum was open late, so we headed over there.


My legs and feet were hurting pretty bad by this point, so we just wandered around a few of the rooms staring at everything.


Soon Alicia and I were hungry for dinner! We ventured to Dupont Circle, one part of the city we had been wanting to see.




We wandered around the neighborhood looking for a restaurant (we didn’t have reservations for anywhere–apparently places get crowded fast around here, even on a Sunday night!) We finally found ourselves at Afterwards Cafe.


It was a bookstore restaurant! Chris told me about this place and he said its one of his favorite DC joints.


After two hours of walking with sore feet and hungry stomachs, a beer was necessary. Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery Garde Dog! It was delicious!


It went great with my portabella burger.The slices of mushroom were thick and tasty–great on the bun! I was expecting a sloppy portabella cap with a soggy bun, but this was way better! The bread didn’t even get soggy! One of the best parts was how FAST they brought our food out! No wait!


The end to a great trip also calls for dessert to celebrate. I got the salted caramel cake.


It was incredible. But, I think I put too much salt on it! Oops! It was still amazingly delicious though. My reward for running an awesome 10 mile race? I think so!


Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe on Urbanspoon

After dinner we hopped back onto the Metro (the best public transportation system I’ve ever used!) and crashed at our hotel.

An with that an amazing trip came to an end. I had a great time exploring D.C. with Alicia, I’m so glad she came with me! Thanks, girl! 🙂 We had a great time. I want to go back already!

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