More Eating in DC: Post Race Farmer’s Brunch

You can’t run a 10 mile race without having brunch after, in my opinion. And when we were in DC, that’s exactly what Alicia and I did!

I made reservations for Sunday at Founding Farmers based on Chris’ recommendation. He said they have a “farm to table” philosophy and they focus on getting food from local sources–so I decided to go with that.


The decor inside was so cool–I can’t even really describe it. The windows made it very bright and it felt very open. We were seated right next to a big window–score!


Our reservations were for 2:00pm, since those were the only time I could get them. I was really sad to find out that brunch ended at 2:00. But, we had high hopes that if we arrived there early we could get seated and miraculously get the brunch menu. We walked in at around 1:30 and were seated in about five minutes. Hurray! The brunch menu appeared and I was so happy. I want nothing other than breakfast foods after a 10 mile run. For real.


Since we were both pretty starving by 1:45, not having a real lunch besides free post race food, we ordered the Fluffernutter to share. I had no clue what to expect because I’ve never actually had a fluffernutter. But peanut butter, banana and marshmallow sounded okay in my book.

They bananas were served on small pieces of toast with fluff, peanut butter and shreds of chocolate. They looked really good! However, I couldn’t taste much of the peanut butter or marshmallow, since the banana overpowered everything, like bananas usually do. The toast was not as crispy as I would have liked either.


For bunch decided to keep it healthy (this would be made up for later) and ordered the “drag through the garden” pan scramble, which was egg whites and veggies. It came with a side of toast and some glorious looking hash browns. (I could have chosen something else as a side but I wanted carbs!)

The hash browns were amazing! I asked for ketchup and they brought out what looked like and tasted like house made ketchup. I don’t know what was in it, but it was amazing. The eggs on the other hand were good–but there must have only been two egg whites in there since the scramble was really small. They also brought out home made jam which I slathered on my toast, which was also excellent. The ketchup + hashbrowns and the jam were my favorite part of the meal–the eggs were standard and tasted like something I could have made at home. 🙁


Of course, what’s a post race brunch without a mimosa? A $12 mimosa at that! It was more money than my meal! 😉 But I guess you only live once.




Overall I really liked the idea of this restaurant–it seems cool and I think its good they want to support local farmers and what not, but it my meal wasn’t as great as I was expecting.

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After brunch Alicia and I scoped out some museums—followed by two hours of searching for a place to have dinner in Dupont Circle. Stay tuned for the last update of my DC adventure–and then I’ll return to reality. 😉

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  1. Yikes that’s a pricey mimosa! hope it was worth it! Congrat’s on the race!! I wish I could have trained for the run, oh well. I think I’m doing it next year so I look forward to it. The views I heard were amazing!

  2. The problem with FF is that is has an awesome concept but horrible execution. If the food isn’t good (or, as I’ve experienced there, takes FOREVER to come out cold), I don’t care if it’s fresh, canned, from near or far. It boils down to that it sucks.

    And it won’t go out of business – people enamored with the concept keep hyping it up, and it’s in an area devoid of options.

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