A Sweet Burrito

After experiencing Harry Potter World, yesterday was our last day in Orlando. There was one place I wanted to check out before heading back: The Orlando Premium Outlets!



My parents and I did some shopping, which included a stop at the Lululemon outlet, which was pretty awesome! They had some really great deals. I scored two awesome workout tops for a decent price! I’m really happy with that! 🙂 I also got a few things at Gap Outlet, which is one of my favorite places to shop.

After shopping, I convinced my parents to check out a restaurant in the city of Orlando called Dandelion Cafe. I found out about this place from Megan, who I was originally going to meet up with, but unfortunately our schedules didn’t allow us to meet yesterday. But thanks for the recommendation, Megan! 🙂


The menu looked INCREDIBLE. I had such a hard time choosing, since I could eat everything on the menu without worrying about meat! Dandelion is vegetarian and organic restaurant.

After some contemplating, I went with the Sweet Potato Burrito with a side of whirled peas.



Everything about this wrap was incredible. It was so flavorful and the ginger cilantro sauce was to die for. I was so impressed with this place and SO glad we came here for lunch. The peas were great too–they tasted like guacamole! Yum.

Anyway, I ate half of the wrap since it was huge and extremely filling.

I also got a glass of their iced tea of the day, which was lemon spearmint. It was so refreshing!


I also loved that each room in the restaurant had a unique touch–including artwork from local artists. Ours had really cool heart paintings.


I REALLY wish Albany had a place like this, because it would be such a cool place to go, especially with tons of healthy food on the menu. It makes me kind of sad that there isn’t a restaurant like Dandelion in the Capital Region. I don’t think Albany even has a strictly vegetarian restaurant, which is a BIG disappointment in my opinion.

On the way out I got a vegan date tart to go!


It was sweet and delicious and the crust was awesome. I LOVE dates, so I knew I would love this dessert. I need to figure out how to make these!

Well, I can dream about a restaurant like this, since I probably won’t ever be back here–unless one shows up in Albany somehow, but I doubt that will happen any time soon!

Dandelion Communitea Café on Urbanspoon

We didn’t get to see that much of Orlando, but it seems like a really cool city. I would have liked more time to explore, but my parents were in a hurry to get back…until next time, Orlando…

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