Mulligan’s Beach House

Friday afternoon my parents and I decided to check out a nearby beach (15-ish minutes away) called Golden Sands. It was a gorgeous day and perfect to visit the ocean.

Every time I come to the ocean, I really find myself at peace. I don’t think there is any other place on Earth that is so relaxing! Imagine doing yoga on the beach? I wanted to try some sun salutations but I was wearing a skirt!





I built a pretty sad looking sand castle.



After spending about an hour there, we went to get some dinner at Mulligan’s Beach House, located on Indian River.


They have lots of seating with views of the water, which was really nice. They also had the clear tarps over the window to prevent the wind from blowing you away!


My dad and I both got Margaritas and my mom got a Long Island Iced Tea (It was happy hour!)



The drinks were good, but not very strong. That was okay, because I had a race planned for Saturday! (Check out my 8K Race Re-cap here !)

The restaurant had a very tropical, beach house vibe, which is very typical for most restaurants around here.


For my meal I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos and our server said they were the most popular menu item!


The fish tacos were good, but the shell was a little bit tough, I would have liked a more authentic corn tortilla. The fish itself was pretty flavorful (I think it was mahi mahi) and the salsa was good. I ate 1.5 of my tacos, since I didn’t want to stuff myself too much. It was also served with a side of rices with a few vegetables mixed in, which was tasty.

Overall, the place had a pretty good vibe, but the menu was typical beach-side bar food. We’ll probably be back before I leave, since the restaurants are pretty slim pickings around here.

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