A Look Back at 2010

Another year down. I cannot believe today is the last day of 2010 and also the last day of the decade. Wow. Starting this blog was one of the best things I’ve done this year. It has given me a creative outlet, allowing me to write about and document events in my life that I wouldn’t normally write about if I didn’t have a place to do it. It gave me new friends, new accomplishments, exciting goals, and allows me to hold myself accountable to many things.

Let the 2010 Re-Cap begin!

March 2010
I started this blog, and I did not photograph food very well! (Hello camera phone).

April 2010
I went to New York City with my cousin Liz and our friend Beth, and I first got to document my foodie ventures in the big city.

 May 2010
I threw myself a 25th Birthday Party — with awesome friends, drinks and a delicious cake from Crisan, thanks to my cousin Liz!

May was also the month of tulips–where I took some awesome photos at Albany’s Tulipfest.


 June 2010
Summer, how I miss thee! One of my favorite parts of Summer 2010 was discovering my love of yoga. I attended an outdoor yoga workshop and loved every minute of it.

July 2010
Training, Training, Training. I fell in love with distance running while training for the Utica Boilermaker 15K, my first long distance race. Chris and I ran this race together (crossed the finish line holding hands!) and had an amazing time (despite getting up at 3:30AM to drive to Utica).

In July I was also united with fellow healthy living bloggers at the first CDNY Eat Drink Blog meet up, it was fantastic. And I now have some amazing new friends.

August 2010
The highlight of August was a trip to NYC. Chris and I spent the weekend gallivanting around the big apple. AND I got to step foot into Trader Joe’s for the very first time! (It was love at first sight).

NYC Recaps:
Part 1 Day 1: Pancakes, Wine & Cupcakes
Part 2 Day 1: Drinks at Macondo and the Spinto Band
Part 3 Day 2: Kiss-In, Lush & Whole Foods Lunch
Part 4 Day 2: Zen Palate and American Idiot
Part 5 Day 3: Scones and Barbecue

September 2010
More traveling! I went to Pittsburgh for the first time with Chris to visit his parents. I had a great time exploring the Steel City.

Pittsburgh posts:
Colossal Sandwiches and Carousels
Exploring Pittsburgh
Fried Pickles in Pittsburgh

In September Chris and I also became warriors! We ran (or walked most of) a 3.25 mile gruelling, dirty, wet, and extremely muddy obstacle course called the Warrior Dash. And it was so much FUN.

October 2010
On 10/10/10 I accomplished one of the biggest goals of my life: I ran my first half marathon! It was an amazing and incredible experience (and kind of painful at times). I can’t wait to tackle 13.1 again in almost a month from now!

November 2010
The beginning of November brought cold weather and another long race–the Stockadeathon 15K! I PRed the race by 12 minutes and finished strong! And even had blend Heather to cheer me on!

In November I also went to the Pride of  NY Harvest fest to sample NYS beer, wine, and food. It was a delight and much fun was had by both Chris and myself.

December 2010
December seemed to fly by.  The CDNY Eat Drink Blog cookie swap was a huge success!! And I ate way too many cookies and had lots of fun with my fellow bloggers and friends!

December also brought a fantastic holiday with my family, celebrating Christmas eve at my grandmother’s and Christmas day at my cousin’s.

2010 was a great year. In fact, it might have been the happiest year in my young adult life so far. Cheers! Lets hope 2011 will be even better!


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