Brunch at Cafe Madison

After Saturday night’s cookie swap, I was craving a really good workout, so headed to the gym yesterday morning! I was planning on testing out my leg on the treadmill, and if it was hurting I would stick to the arc trainer.

I started running on the treadmill–surprise, no leg pain! I was actually ready for it to start hurting. It felt stiff, but no sharp twinge of pain, so I kept going. The best part was I felt incredible. I don’t know if it was the copious amount of sugar I consumed on Saturday, but I ran six miles on the treadmill in 57 minutes. And I felt great! I actually wish I had decided to run outside, but I wanted to play it safe on the good old treadmill.

My plan this week is to try to run a few miles during the week (if I’m still pain-free) and do the arc trainer on the days I don’t run, because honestly I feel that helps a lot! I felt a lot faster on the treadmill yesterday.

After the gym yesterday, I headed to Cafe Madison for brunch with some of college friends!



For brunch I ordered an egg white Tuscan omelet (sans cheese) with tomato on the side instead of home fries and two slices of cinnamon bread.


The omelet was fantastic! Of course I had to put ketchup on it, since I’m obsessed with ketchup on my eggs lately. Yum! I had never been to brunch here before but had heard great things–they didn’t disappoint!

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After brunch I headed back to the girls’ apartment for our Secret Santa exchange. It was pretty low key Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Thats great about your knee!! Your breakfast looks pretty amazing- I love ketchup (or hot sauce) on my eggs!

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