This weekend has been filled with celebration! And we’re just getting started!

Friday night Chris and I went out with a group of his grad school friends to celebrate his Comp Defense. He passed so we had lots to celebrate! Congrats Chris!


We took up two big tables at the Pump Station.


I got an Apple Ale–my favorite–to celebrate!


For dinner I wanted to get something I haven’t tried before so I went with the Black Bean & Corn Veggie Burger.

I subbed roasted veggies for fries, and ordered with sans mayo, but topped with sautéed mushrooms + guacamole.

RANT: I know I shouldn’t complain but the veggies were an extra dollar. And there were about 4 carrots and a piece of broccoli, and some onions in there. C’mon people. Seriously? I guess thats the price I have to pay for choosing to eat healthy instead of devouring a huge side of fries, which I probably would have enjoyed more. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in the Pump Station.


The bun was HUGE! I was a bit disappointed with the burger, it looked like your standard frozen veggie burger. 🙁 I was expecting it to taste a little bit more home made. All I could taste was the toppings and the bun. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, it still tasted okay.

Saturday morning Chris and I decided to go for a run outside. We ended up freezing our butts off and our leads felt like lead. 3.12 miles in the 30 degrees (feels like 24) is not much fun. 🙁 We ran it in about 30 minutes.

After our run I went home and worked on some Christmas gifts. I also tried making granola for the first time! I used my new turbanado sugar that I got last weekend at the Troy Co-Op. Turbinado sugar is like brown sugar but the crystals are bigger.


Pumpkin granola! I cannot find the recipe I used for this though.


It came out really well, and perfectly crunchy!


Last night Chris and I went to a Holiday Party with more of his classmates, which was lots of fun! They had lots of delicious (and veggie friendly) food! I didn’t take out my camera but I had a little bit of:

  • salad
  • veggie friendly zitis
  • vegetarian chilli
  • garlic bread
  • a bit of potato salad
  • apple crisp

This morning I got up and headed to the gym at around 10:30. I wanted to get another run in since yesterday’s failed miserably.

I ran 6.0 miles on the treadmill in 1 hour and 1 minute! I had originally planned to run 5.0, but I felt so good at miles 4-5 that I kept going. The first three miles were pretty tough though. I just had to stick with it!

I came home and refuled with some eggs. One egg + two egg whites + spinach and goat cheese with toast.


I also put some ketchup on the eggs, which I’ve never tried before. Why haven’t I tried that? It was delicious. I think I have a thing for ketchup!

Now I’m just relaxing in front of my Christmas tree! My mom put it up yesterday. 🙂 Festive!


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  1. yumm i want to try that apple ale. love the tree!!! you’ll never eat eggs without ketchup again, its the only way. great post =)

  2. Congrats to Chris! I can’t believe that the Pump Station charged an extra dollar for that. Whack.

    Nice job on the six miles on the TM- that’s intense!

  3. For the longest time, I stayed away from ketchup on my eggs. But one day it slipped by my home fries and I scooped some up with my egg scramble. Mmm. The rest is history.

    Great looking Xmas tree. I’m hoping to put mine up today or tomorrow.

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