Bros Fish Tacos

Last night I tried Fish Tacos for the first time ever!!!


But I will talk more about that in a little bit. 😉 First, lets discuss last night’s five miler. My training plan called for a five mile speed workout. I’ve only ever done speedwork on the treadmill, and I really wanted to incorporate it into my outside run tonight. I think I did a pretty good job! Chris was my running buddy and we tackled 5.16 miles in 50:41.


Total Distance – 5.16 miles
Total Elapsed Time – 50:41
Average Pace – 9:45
Average Speed – 6.1 mph
Calories Burned – 607


Mile 1 – 10:08
Mile 2 – 8:53
Mile 3 – 9:43
Mile 4 – 9:46
Mile 5 – 10:10

Around mile four my stomach started feeling yucky, and this lasted throughout the rest of my run, and up until I ate dinner, which was fine. It only started to feel completely better at around 11PM. Not too much fun. I’m really at loss as to what I’m supposed to eat during the day before a 5 or more mile run. I feel like sometimes I’m fine, but usually I end up with stomach pain. This ONLY happens after I run five or more miles in the EVENING. Anyone else have this issue?

I rehydrated with this!


I finally found it at Price Chopper, so I stocked up!

Anywho, once my appetite came back (somewhat), Chris and I went to Bros Tacos! Chris was raving about their fish tacos and how much better this place is than Bombers. I was going to have to see for myself. It’s just a little hole in the wall down in the “student ghetto” (I used to live around there, since I went to St Rose.)


I got two tacos, a grilled fish taco: Seasoned fish, pico de gallo, salsa roja & Bros Tacos Crema; and a pineapple shrimp taco: Grilled & seasoned with pineapple salsa & cotija cheese. Both came in a soft corn tortilla. First, let me say this. They were a bit small with not much in them, but the flavor was amazing! The fish taco was great, and not too spicy. I really liked the green sauce they had on them.


The shrimp taco was awesome as well, I could definitely taste the pineapple salsa. The cheese was different, it kind of reminded me of something, but I’m not sure what. It had an interesting flavor. I was kind of worried that the tacos would bother my stomach, since it was still feeling off, but it didn’t hurt that much more than it already was. Two tacos were just the right size, I wasn’t overly stuffed from eating them. I would go here again!

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Right now I’m gobbling down a bowl of oatmeal…the weather seems perfect for oats right now!



  • TJ’s Sunflower Seed Butter
  • Sweet Cherry Butter (local)
  • Pecans


Yum! Oats, how I’ve missed you!

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    1. I like it too. I *try* to buy the unflavored kind, since its got less sugar+calories. I do like the taste of the peach mango one though. 😉

  1. Fish tacos are amazing. I haven’t had them in a while and you’ve got me craving them now!

    I’ve never rehydrated with coconut water, but everyone tells me its great. Thinking I should give it a try after a long run this weekend?!

    1. I like coconut water…some people don’t like the taste. I find it “interesting” its not terrible, but its not amazing either. I like drinking it for the great post-run benefits. give it a try!

    1. Do you know where the College of Saint Rose is? It’s right around the corner from there, on Ontario Street, a block down off of Madison Avenue.

  2. I can’t run in the afternoon for that reason – I tend to feel sick. That’s why I do all my runs in the morning, which isn’t always fun, but I’d rather be tired than feel sick!

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