A Rainy Day in Boston

Well, its Monday again! And yesterday Chris and I spent a nice (but rainy) day in Boston, MA. 🙂


We drove down in the morning and got there at around 1:00PM (just in time for lunch). Chris wanted to drive to there (it’s only a three hour drive from Albany) to meet up with his cousin, who was on vacation in Boston for a week. Before we had to meet up with him, Chris and I walked from Beacon Hill (where we parked) down to the Faneuil Hall to check out the sights and scout out a good place for lunch. There were so many places to choose from!




We ended up eating lunch at Anthem Kitchen & Bar.


Chris pointed out they used meat that meets the humane farm animal care program standards. I kind of like that, even though I was only eating the fish!



I debated with Chris over whether or not I should have a drink on our trip, since I said I was going to try to refrain from alcohol during my half marathon training. He told me I should just go for it, since we were “on vacation” (even it was just for one day), and not to worry about drinking, if it was just a couple of glasses of wine. I thought about it, and decided to have a glass, and just to make sure I don’t drink when I have a race or long run planned in the near future. It was Sunday, and I had already ran my long run on Saturday, so I ordered a glass of Riesling.


Chris got a Sam Adams, how fitting! 🙂


We shared an appetizer of Calamari! It came with a sweet honey dipping sauce, that was super tasty. I’ve never had calamari that I didn’t like! 😉



For my meal I got a Lobster Roll, since we were in Boston, after all!


But silly me forgot to order something else instead of fries. Oops. 🙁



The lobster was delish, but the bun it was on was a tad dry. It was pretty satisfying though. I never order lobster out! It was awesome!

And then I ordered a white peach sangria. 🙂


So good!


Chris ordered a Guinness. It was so cool the way the froth on the beer made a perfect straight line on top. It was like a work of art! 😉


Anthem Kitchen + Bar on Urbanspoon

After our meal we walked around Boston some more. Soon it was time to meet up with Chris’ cousin and his wife! We met them for drinks at The Black Rose. Since I was still full from lunch I only had a water. It was a cool Irish pub, complete with an Irish folk singer.


After sitting and chatting a the bar for a few hours, we walked down to the Wharf. It was windy, gray and cloudy.





We admired the Boston architecture. The thing I love about Boston: it’s so historic but modern at the same time. It seems like a very livable city. I could totally live in a place like this some day.





Soon the group of us decided it was time for dinner! Chris picked a neat looking sushi bar called Ma Soba.


Chris and his cousin decided to order a Sushi Boat! Holy crap, so much sushi, it was amazing!



And they actually polished it off! Those boys can eat!

I wasn’t in a sushi mood, oddly enough, so I got the seafood scallion pancake.


It was a tad disappointing. It was chewy, and had some good flavor initially, but after eating a few more bites of it, it kind of tasted a bit bland. I couldn’t really taste the seafood, even thought I could see it in there. I only ate half of it.

So I had room for ginger ice cream! Yum! Chris and I split a bowl. I had never had ginger ice cream before, but it was delicious. It had a really good ginger flavor, and it was really creamy. So good!


Ma Soba on Urbanspoon

Well, we had a nice Sunday in the city of Boston. It was only my second time visiting the city, so I was glad I got to see it again. We had a lot of fun, even if the weather wasn’t that great. 🙂 Now for a question…

What is the most fun you’ve had this past weekend? Did you travel or stay home and relax? I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks I’m actually looking forward to a weekend to relax and do nothing. 😀

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  1. What a fun-filled day! I love the sushi boat. On one of our first dates Brian and I ordered the “love boat” from sushi thai in Saratoga- it looked a lot like that!

    I had so much fun this past weekend. Especially because I got to finally try a crumbs cupcake. Helloooo peanut butter cup cupcake 😀

  2. I’m so with you on the weekends away thing… they can be so much fun but sometimes it’s just nice to stay home and relax! I spent three weekends out of town in a row this summer… NYC, Montreal, the Hamptons… fun but so exhausting! Not to mention that all the food and wine wasn’t very kind to my waistline! I think I finally have a weekend free this week… so exciting! Glad you had fun in Boston, it’s such a great city!

  3. Oh dear me! That sushi boat looks killer. I miss sushi!!!

    Glad you had a great day despite the rain. And I love that restaurants are featuring more health minded things again.

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