Summer in the City – Day 3: Scones and Barbecue

Catching up on my NYC recap?

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Finally, Chris and I had our last day in the city, Sunday! I started the morning off with a walk to Amy’s Bread, by myself! (It was right around the corner from my hotel, so I knew I wouldn’t get lost.) I loved walking so close to the bakery. Walking around alone in the city so invigorating! It is so busy, even on Sunday. There were so many delicious looking baked goods at the bakery. I had to go with scones! I got two for Chris and I to share. Cherry Cream and Banana Walnut.



These scones were amazing! Chris and I split both of them, for breakfast. The cherry cream was my favorite though, it was really sweet, and had dried cherries in it. Yum.


I also slathered on some Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter onto the banana walnut scone. I love sunflower seed butter! I think it may be my new favorite nut butter!


Oh, and I also got an iced green tea at the bakery, what a surprise. I love green tea!


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After our small breakfast, we headed over to H&M for some shopping! Chris and I both left with new fall jackets! Woohoo, we’re stylish now.

For lunch, we were meeting up with one of my other college roommates, Jackie, and her boyfriend! We met them at Virgil’s BBQ in Times Square. This bbq place was another one of Chris’ choices!


We waited at the bar for our friends, and got some drinks! I ordered a Lambic! My favorite. Lambics are really sweet, fruity beers. I think this one was raspberry.



Chris got a beer too.


Our friends arrived soon after, so we went upstairs to eat some barbecue! I ordered a grilled catfish! The entrees came with two sides and cornbread! I got a side of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes. Both were delicious. I love mac & cheese. The catfish was grilled, almost blackened, but pretty tasty! I didn’t have much of a choice at this barbecue joint. 😉 It also came with a crawfish jambalaya sauce, and I put a little bit on the fish, it was really smokey and delicious.


I also ordered a white wine, because I’m classy like that.


Chris got some brisket and ribs, along with a Brooklyn Lager.


Virgil's Real Barbecue on Urbanspoon

After stuffing our faces with barbecue, Chris, Jackie, her boyfriend Brian, and I walked over to Central Park! We checked out the mac store. The store was gigantic. And super crowded.


Central park was nice though. Chris and I walked through the zoo area, and watched the end of a baseball game going on in the park. It was peaceful to walk around the park. Although, I expected it to a bit greener in the summer. I had only seen Central Park in the winter/early spring.





Central Park was a perfect ending to an awesome trip with my awesome guy. Until my next vacation… 😀

Blogging will resume back to my normal schedule this evening…with an important post…about starting half marathon training. Eeek! Here we go!




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