Adirondack Pub and Brewery + Pirates Cove

If you’re just catching up from this weekend, yesterday Chris and I ran a 10 K in Lake George! Here’s the rest of the day’s adventures following the race.

After the 10K, we drove in to the Lake George village, AKA a big tourist trap. Growing up in the Capital District made Lake George a summer hot spot. But It’s getting kind of more like a “been there, done that” type of thing, now. It’s a bit too touristy for my liking, but they did have one good thing. The Adirondack Wine Tasting Room! I left with two bottles of Adirondack wine! Strawsling (strawberry riesling), and Blue Twilight (blueberry shiraz) I’m so excited to try these wines! They make all their wines on site which is really cool.

After the wine tasting room, we were feeling the need for food, and I was pretty hungry since I didn’t get much to eat at the post-race barbecue. We hit up the Adirondack Pub & Brewery! Can you tell we had an Adirondack theme going?



They had out door dining! Woohoo!


I really liked the decor of this place, it was really nice inside too. Very Adirondack. 🙂

Since we were at a Brewery, I had to order a beer! I got one of the seasonal beers, which was light with a some melon flavors, and I can’t remember the name of it, and they don’t have it on the website…but it was good! Chris got the Adirondack Weisse, which was tasty too.




For my meal I ordered a Portabella Burger, since there weren’t many vegetarian options. I opted for the small side salad instead of fries.



The mushroom burger was pretty good. It was standard. The food was mediocre. Chris agreed. He ordered the monster burger.

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After lunch we went to Pirates Cove to play some mini golf! A trip to Lake George is not complete with out!



I got lots of shots of Chris in action. 😉


I got two holes in one (including in the one in the picture above) but he still beat me!

It was fun none the less! 😀


Well, I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend! Right now I’m off to my first HOT YOGA class with some fellow “blends”, Courtney, Rebecca and Katie. I’m super excited!

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  1. What a super fun day! I love the Adirondack Tasting room- I went there for a bachelorette last summer. If there is wine involved I’m usually a happy camper. I’m glad you guys had such a great day!

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