Muddy Cup Meet-Up

Good morning bloggies. Last night I met up with a few of the ladies from the CDNY Eat Drink Blog community at Muddy Cup in Schenectady.


Heather, Rebecca, Lauren, Cynthia and I met up for a night of blog discussion! Julie even participated through gchat with Heather! (I love technology.) We talked about a lot of things, like goals for our blogs, resources for blog improvement, etc. I learn so much from these girls every time I meet up. I’m going to start making a list of goals for my blog and start working on ways to improve it.


We had our own little quiet area for discussion and blogging in the corner of Muddy Cup, it was kind of nice. ๐Ÿ™‚


Heather even brought some of Julie’s dessert pesto for us to snack on, which was delicious, so thanks Julie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really feel like I have found some awesome new “blends” (blog friends) and I’m so glad I get to meet up with them. I love our little community! I’m sure there will be tons of these coffee shop meet-ups in the future!


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  1. OO! Your pics are so great! I’m stealing your first one if that’s ok! I have such a great time. BTW the coffee shop closed at 10, not 11, but Heather, Cynthia, and I stood in the parking lot talking until 10:30. haha!

    See you soon!

  2. I love the last picture. Can you send it to me and some of your other ones so I can write my post about this later this week.

    It was so fun to just talk to people who actually know what a blog is and enjoy improving it as much as I do. Can’t wait for more meet ups and Trader Joes!

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