New Domain Name!

Hola everyone!! I have some great news! I just registered a **new domain** for my website and I’m now self-hosted! You can now find me at! Isn’t that exciting? Yesterday’s CDNY Eat Drink Blog meet up totally inspired me! And thank you sooo much to Heather and Lauren for all the help they have given me today. πŸ™‚ I still have a few kinks to work out but I think I’ll be on my way soon. Make sure to change all of your links to my new URL!

Okay, so on to today’s adventures. Breakfast this morning was a bowl of Kashi H2H + Special K Protein, almond milk and strawberries!

After breakfast and working on my blog situation for a few hours this morning, I headed over to Chris’ so we could go for a run. We had originally wanted to do a five mile run, just to get back into things. We decided to go to The Crossings in Colonie. I had never been there before and I was dying to go for a run around the park. It was such a nice place! Pretty!

Running with Chris and the trails were pretty much the only good thing about my run. We ran 3.22 miles in 32 minutes (not the planned five miles) and I felt like crap the entire time! I was tired, and I think I was dehydrated. πŸ™ Not a fun run. Maybe my next run at the Crossings will be better.

After our run we were both starving! We were craving a place with outdoor dining so we decided on lunch at El Mariachi! El Mariachi is one of my favorite Albany restaurants. I love the location on Hamilton because it has the outdoor patio! There is nothing better than sipping a white sangria outside in the lovely weather, especially after a not so great run!

Of course, the chips and salsa came out when we got there. I ate too many!

For an appetizer we ordered plantains in a soft tortilla covered in mole sauce and sesame seeds! I forget the actual name of the dish, and El Mariache’s website is crashing my computer, so I can’t find out! But anyway, have I mentioned before that I’m in love with mole sauce?

The plantains were really sweet and the mole sauce made it taste more like a dessert than an appetizer! So yummy. Chris and I each ate one. I inhaled mine since I was so hungry!

For my main entree I ordered the Vegetable Fajitas! They brought out a huge steaming plate of veggies that looked delicious! It also came with a side of black beans and rice, and guacamole and sour cream to put on your fajita.

I ate two fajitas stuffed with veggies and a little bit of guac and a tiny dab of sour cream. So fresh and tasty. I didn’t really touch the beans and rice because I was so full! They give you so much food! I have the beans, rice and more than half of the veggies left over for my lunch tomorrow!

El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner tonight since my lunch was so late! And now I must hurry off to work more on my blog. ‘Night everyone!

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    1. Get it!! Also, you should try their enchiladas el mariachi with mole sauce..that is my absolute fave dish there!

  1. YAAAY for new domain πŸ™‚ that’s exciting!

    those fajitas look SO good… I am craving vegetables the past few days… I cannot get enough!!


  2. There was something about The Crossings this weekend – I had a very challenging run there too. All your food looks delish!

  3. Love the new site! I also love El Mariachi. And running at the Crossings- I do it at least once a week. We should run together sometime!

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